What is blue heart disease ?

What is blue heart disease ?

What is blue heart disease ?

Cyanotic disease heart disease

Cyanotic disease heart disorder refers to a group of many special heart defects that are gift at delivery (congenital). They result in a low blood oxygen stage. Cyanosis refers to a bluish shade of the skin and mucous membranes.

Commonly, blood returns from the body and flows via the disease heart and lungs.

    Blood this is low in oxygen (blue blood) returns from the frame to the proper side of the heart.
    The right facet of the heart then pumps the blood to the lungs, where it alternatives up more oxygen and will become purple.
    The oxygen-wealthy blood returns from the lungs to the left facet of the disease heart. From there, it is pumped to the relaxation of the frame.

Heart defects that youngsters are born with can change the manner blood flows through the heart and lungs. This causes non-oxygenated blood to be pumped out to the body without going through the lungs to pick out up oxygen. As a result:

    the blood that is pumped out to the frame is decrease in oxygen.
    Less oxygen introduced to the body could make the skin look blue (cyanosis).

Lots of these heart defects contain the heart valves. Heart valves are located between the heart and the large blood vessels that carry blood to and from the disease heart. Those valves open up enough for blood to go with the flow via. Then they close, retaining blood from flowing backward.

Disease heart valve defects that may motive cyanosis encompass:

    tricuspid valve (the valve among the 2 chambers at the proper facet of the heart) may be absent or unable to open wide sufficient.
    Pulmonary valve (the valve between the disease heart and the lungs) can be absent or unable to open extensive enough.
    Aortic valve (the valve among the heart and the blood vessel to the rest of the frame) is unable to open huge sufficient.

Different heart defects that may purpose cyanosis encompass:

    coarctation or whole interruption of the aorta
    ebstein anomaly
    hypoplastic left disease heart syndrome
    tetralogy of fallot
    total anomalous pulmonary venous return
    transposition of the amazing arteries
    truncus arteriosus

Tetralogy of fallot

Cyanotic heart illnesses can be because of:

    chemical publicity
    genetic and chromosomal syndromes, along with down syndrome, trisomy 13, turner syndrome, marfan syndrome, and noonan syndrome
    infections (consisting of rubella) all through being pregnant
    poorly controlled blood sugar level in ladies who've diabetes all through pregnancy
    drug treatments prescribed with the aid of your medical doctor or sold on your personal and used throughout being pregnant
    street tablets used all through being pregnant


A few heart defects cause foremost issues proper after delivery.

The main symptom is cyanosis. That is a bluish coloration of the lips, arms, and ft this is caused by the low oxygen content inside the blood. It could arise even as the kid is resting or most effective when the kid is lively.
Cyanotic heart disease

Some youngsters have respiration problems (dyspnea). They'll get right into a squatting function after bodily interest to relieve breathlessness.

Others have spells, in which their our bodies are suddenly starved of oxygen. At some point of these spells, signs and symptoms may consist of:

    respiration too quickly (hyperventilation)
    surprising increase in bluish colour to the skin

Babies can also get tired or sweat even as feeding and won't advantage as much weight as they should.

Fainting (syncope) and chest pain may also arise.

Other symptoms depend on the type of cyanotic heart sickness, and can encompass:

    feeding troubles or reduced urge for food, leading to bad growth
    grayish pores and skin
    puffy eyes or face
    tiredness all the time

Checks and assessments

Bodily exam confirms cyanosis. Older children might also have clubbed fingers.

The health practitioner will pay attention to the heart and lungs with a stethoscope. Ordinary heart sounds, a disease heart murmur, and lung crackles may be heard.

Exams will vary depending on the reason, however may additionally include:

    chest x-ray
    checking oxygen level within the blood using an arterial blood gasoline take a look at or by checking it thru the pores and skin with a pulse oximeter
    complete blood matter (cbc)
    ecg (electrocardiogram)
    searching at the disease heart shape and blood vessels the usage of echocardiogram or mri of the disease heart
    passing a thin bendy tube (catheter) into the right or left aspect of the heart, typically from the groin (cardiac catheterization)
    transcutaneous oxygen screen (pulse oximeter)
    trying out the disease heart's electrical gadget


A few babies may need to stay inside the clinic after start as a way to receive oxygen or be put on a breathing device. They may get hold of drugs to:

    cast off more fluids
    assist the disease heart pump more difficult
    maintain sure blood vessels open
    deal with abnormal heartbeats or rhythms

The remedy of preference for maximum congenital disease heart diseases is surgical procedure to repair the disorder. There are numerous types of surgical operation, depending on the sort of beginning disorder. Surgical operation can be wanted soon after delivery, or it could be delayed for months or even years.

Your infant might also want to take water drugs (diuretics) and different heart drug treatments before or after surgical treatment. Make sure to follow the proper dosage. Ordinary follow-up with the health practitioner is important.

Many children who've had disease heart surgical treatment have to take antibiotics earlier than, and sometimes after having any dental paintings or different clinical techniques. Make certain you have clean commands out of your child's heart doctor.

Ask your baby's health practitioner earlier than getting any immunizations. Most kids can observe the advocated hints for childhood vaccinations.
Outlook (prognosis)

The outlook depends at the precise disorder.
Feasible headaches

Complications of cyanotic disease heart disease encompass:

    ordinary heart rhythms and unexpected loss of life
    continual high blood pressure inside the blood vessels of the lung
    disease heart failure
    infection inside the heart

When to contact a scientific professional

Name your health care company if your child has:

    bluish pores and skin (cyanosis) or grayish pores and skin
    breathing trouble
    chest ache or other pain
    dizziness, fainting, or heart palpitations
    feeding problems or reduced appetite
    fever, nausea, or vomiting
    puffy eyes or face
    tiredness all of the time


Women who are pregnant should get good prenatal care.

    Keep away from the usage of alcohol and drugs at some point of being pregnant.
    Inform your doctor that you are pregnant earlier than taking any prescribed drugs.
    Get a blood take a look at early in the being pregnant to see in case you are proof against rubella. If you are not immune, you need to avoid any publicity to rubella and must get immunized right after shipping.
    Pregnant girls with diabetes should try to get top control over their blood sugar degree.

A few inherited elements may also play a function in congenital disease heart disorder. Many family contributors may be affected. If you are making plans to get pregnant, communicate to your medical doctor about screening for genetic sicknesses.
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